Wing has developed a practical system for auto-loading…

Wing is a practical delivery of parcels by drones
Wing has developed a practical system for auto-loading packages onto transport drones.
Wing is a practical delivery of parcels by drones

Wing has unveiled a device for automatically loading parcels onto transport drones. It works autonomously, which allows you not to distract people from their affairs to secure the cargo on the drone when it arrives to pick up the package. You can leave the packages in the loader and leave, and the system itself will send a drone for them when it is free.

The loading device occupies approximately one parking space, with most of the space left free so as not to interfere with the operation of the drone. On the high shaft there is a V-shaped fork that “catches” the hook descended from the drone on the cable. He moves along a special chute and at the exit catches the eye of the package with the parcel, after which the hook rises and the drone takes off.

The main advantage of the novelty is that such forklifts form a single network, which is flexibly controlled by logistics AI, guided by QR codes on the device - they are clearly visible from the air on drone cameras. Wing plans to build a working prototype within a year, and by 2024 already have a network of millions of loaders and drones that will automatically transport cargo across the United States with maximum efficiency. The forklifts themselves are completely passive, they do not need power to operate, and therefore they are cheap and can be installed anywhere.