Play as the supervillain Vecna in Stranger Things, the new…

VR game Stranger Things.
Play as the supervillain Vecna in Stranger Things, the new VR game.
VR game Stranger Things.

On November 6, Netflix held an event called "Stranger Things Day", which was dedicated to a landmark event in the series - it was on this day of the year that Will Byers went missing in the story. This happened during the very first season, but it became a convenient occasion for the presentation of the next, fifth in a row. It was called "Chapter One: The Crawl" (Chapter One: The Crawl).

Netflix promised that fans of the series will have to wait for the release of the next season for a relatively short time, about six months - shooting will begin in 2023. And it is proposed to pass this time with a new game for virtual reality platforms called "Stranger Things VR". It is developed by Tender Claws studio from Los Angeles.

The game is positioned as a psychological thriller, but footage from the presentation video indicates many elements of horror. According to the plot of the game, you will be able to play as Vecna, a mysterious villain from the final part of the fourth season. She wants to take revenge on the "Eleven" and get even with the inhabitants of the town of Hawkins, for which she uses her superpowers. Players will have to travel in strange worlds, tame the void, cultivate the collective mind and wander through different realities.