The classic wonders gameplay mechanic will be further…

The world of Age of Wonders 4 will be full of wonders
The classic wonders gameplay mechanic will be further developed in the 4X strategy game Age of Wonders IV
The world of Age of Wonders 4 will be full of wonders

For a long time, wonders serve as the foundation of the Age of Wonders universe backstory, and the fourth game in the series will not be so different about it. The concept of wonders is simple: while exploring the map, players will encounter distinctive sites known as ancient wonders, each with its own narrative, challenges, and rewards.

Every individual ancient wonder represents a small-scale adventure that commences once the player discovers it and assigns their hero to locate it. As an example, a "spring of lovers" might be one such site where nymphs transform passing travelers into their captives. Just don't let your troops look at them... The game will tell you a story of the location and present various choices that will impact future occurrences.

Each miracle is guarded by a special, powerful army, the battle with which will take place in a location under the influence of Combat Enchantments. For example, a reality shift enchantment will cause troops to randomly change location each turn. The player's choices in the adventure will affect how enchantments work in battles and what rewards the miracle will give when completed. After the end of the challenge, players even will be able to add the wonder to their realm to further use it, getting additional possibilities and bonuses.

Right now, the release date of Age of Wonders IV is not specified, but you already can pre-order the game in Steam. Read more about the Wonders in a dev diary:

Looks like a classic but effective gameplay decision. Some narrative is never redundant. There was so little of it in Planetfall...
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This game hasn't been released yet. I have 50 hours in Age of Wonders: Planetfall.