Scientists have created the strongest superalloy in the…

The most durable superalloy
Scientists have created the strongest superalloy in the world.
The most durable superalloy

Researchers from the Berkeley Laboratory (USA) are measuring an alloy of metals that claims to be the most durable of all deaths. With a caveat - phenomena at extremely low temperatures, of the order of -253 ° C, at which helium becomes liquid. Under such conditions, most of the metals come from minor metals, but this alloy shows extraordinary properties.

The structure of the ultimate alloy is simple - it is a combination of chromium, nickel and cobalt (CrCoNi). The trick is that all chemical elements appear in significant quantities, and not in the form of impurities, as is usually the case. As a result, the material reserves have incredible properties - for example, its strength in a liquid of liquid helium will deliver 500 megapascals per square meter. m. For comparison, for aviation aluminum alloy, this figure is only 35, for the best steel samples - up to 100.

Microscopy has shown that the inhomogeneous atomic structure of the alloy has the property of "self-organization", under the influence of which it is deformed and the crystals in the lattice change their shape. the development of the cubic structure takes the form of a hexagonal one, which allows it to resist the load very effectively. The greater the pressure, the stronger the material becomes.

The main property of the novelty is that it is ideal for creating structures in cold space. And also on other planets, for example, in the frozen atmosphere of Mars or on the Moon, as the basis for the dwelling of the colonists.