NASA and Axiom Space have unveiled a prototype lunar suit…

Space suit for the Artemis III
NASA and Axiom Space have unveiled a prototype lunar suit for the Artemis III mission.
Space suit for the Artemis III

NASA is ready to present a prototype lunar space suit developed by Axiom Space for participants in the Artemis III mission, which starts in December 2025.

It differs from its predecessors by its “dimensionlessness” (that is, it is designed for several body types), greater flexibility and the presence of built-in research equipment. The helmet is equipped with two lights and an HD camera. Astronauts do not put on a spacesuit, but rather enter it through a special hatch in the back (by the way, this Russian know-how is used in domestic spacesuits for spacewalk Orlan on the ISS).

Thanks to additional knee seams and gloves, astronauts gain higher mobility and the ability to work in lunar gravity (it is 6 times less than on Earth). The suit is capable of withstanding the extreme cold found in areas of the Moon that are hidden from the Sun.

The presented black suit is a prototype. The working model will be white, which will protect the astronauts from abnormally high daytime temperatures. NASA clarifies that this suit is not the only one that will be used in future lunar missions. Currently, several development companies are fighting for the right to take part in them.

I hope they will successfully complete the mission in 2025. Humanity needs to make the first steps to colonizing other planets, this will be an incredible experience.
These are only the first steps, we will see real changes in the life of the cosmos when a person does not need a spacesuit.