Reversible Climfeet insoles keep your feet warm or cool…

Smart insoles Climfeet
Reversible Climfeet insoles keep your feet warm or cool according to the weather.
Smart insoles Climfeet

Unlike battery-powered electrically heated insoles, their “relatives” Climfeet insoles manufactured by Solecooler (France) receive energy directly from the feet of their owner. The principle of their work is based on the use of mechanical energy generated by walking.

There are heating/cooling elements on both sides of the insoles, and the user sets the insole to the right side depending on the weather.

How it works: When you step on the insole, the bubble capsules on the "cool" side compress and squeeze air into the cells on the "warm" side, creating a heating effect of 4 °C.

When the foot leaves the surface, the air returns to the cells on the “cool” side, where it is cooled by 3.5 °C. Since the user only senses the temperature of the upper part of the insole, he can adjust it according to the weather.

The Climfeet structure is a combination of copper and silicone for flexibility and effective thermal management. Cells with air, in addition to their main function, provide cushioning and comfort when walking.

At the same time, Solecooper emphasizes that the heating / cooling effect will be noticeable only in very cold or hot weather, and at moderate 20-30 ° C, the heat will be almost imperceptible.

The company hopes that their product will be appreciated primarily by those who work or live in extreme climatic conditions. But, for example, in tight ski boots Climfeet will be practically useless.