Musk's competitor is developing Science Eyes eye implants…

Science Eyes are augmented reality eye implants
Musk's competitor is developing Science Eyes eye implants with augmented reality.
Science Eyes are augmented reality eye implants

Innovator and businessman Max Hodak left Elon Musk's Neuralink project in 2021, considering the concept of the brain-computer interface adopted by the company to be erroneous. And soon he began work on his own analogue called "Science Eyes" - artificial eyes with an almost endless potential for expanding functionality. The first successes in experiments on rabbits have already been achieved, as Hodak told in an interview with Futurism.

In fact, Hodak proposes to move electronic components to empower a person from the brain (in the form of implants) to artificial eyes. To do this, these organs must be subjected to genetic therapy and integrated into them a miniature display. The modified eye will by default be spared any problems associated with vision, plus it will be able to display data in augmented and virtual reality.

The difficulty is that suitable technologies for the implementation of these plans have not yet been found, everything is at the experimental stage. Hodak decided not to repeat the mistakes of Musk, he tries not to make loud statements and promises of an early release of products that will change reality.

On the other hand, Hodak's start-up Science Corp has now raised $160 million in funding and is second only to Neuralink in terms of funds raised among neuroimplant-related projects.