Mehran Keshe and his foundation's key technology is a…

Plasma technologies Mehran Keshe
Mehran Keshe and his foundation's key technology is a device called "Magravs".
Plasma technologies Mehran Keshe

Nuclear physicist Mehran Tavaloki Keshe, unlike many of his colleagues, uses his knowledge for non-military purposes. Being a black sheep, he became the founder of a unique movement, the purpose of which is to improve health and prolong life. The uniqueness of his activity lies in the fact that in order to achieve his goal, he uses the revolutionary new plasma technologies of Mehran Keshe, which have nothing to do with modern medicine.

Mehran Keshe and his foundation's key technology is a device called "Magravs". According to the developers, it is indispensable not only in the field of healthcare, but also in the field of space development. And if you suddenly start to apply these developments in the military sphere, then humanity runs the risk of quickly sticking flippers together. Therefore, any military developments based on “Magravs”, or Magrav, should have an exclusively deterrent function.

Plasma technologies Mehran Keshe - the capsule of the future. Imagine a “capsule of the future”, entering which a person is instantly cured of any diseases and ailments. Such technologies have been repeatedly depicted in science fiction films. It may seem like a miracle, or a fantasy, but the Mehran Keshe Foundation is working in this direction. Representatives of the fund say that their developments are already in operation and show excellent results. Whatever their statement means, we can clearly see at least one thing - a huge number of people use Keshe's technologies and are content with the result of their action.

It is also noteworthy that Keshe provided a choice for everyone interested in these technologies. Those who can afford to buy their developments, technologies and devices can get acquainted with their assortment on the official website of the fund. Those who do not have the funds to buy their products can make their own products using the foundation's knowledge base absolutely free of charge. In this regard, it is extremely difficult to reproach Comrade Keshe with lies and vile intentions.

Plasma technologies of Mehran Keshe: reactors. Keshe's most popular technologies are plasma reactors for life extension and health promotion. Let's take a look at the Life Cup 1 and Life Cup 2 reactors.

Cup of Life 1. This reactor produces plasma that is considered to be very close to human characteristics. In this regard, it has the properties to merge with the plasma of the human body.

This Cup of Life is an excellent anti-viral agent that absorbs all the harmful properties of the virus to cleanse the human body.

Plasma from this reactor is recommended to drink like plain water. She can wash her face, or use it as a compress for sore spots. The only contraindication is direct contact with HANS. Under no circumstances should it be taken with plasma.

Life Cup 2 plasma is less intense than Life Cup 1 plasma, but has a wider spectrum of action. Due to this, this plasma can be able to positively affect a large number of microorganisms. The lower intensity causes the harmful bacteria to be focused on the plasma instead of the body of the organism itself. Similar is observed under the action of an antibiotic. That's just plasma energy does not destroy any cells of the body.

This reactor is an effective tool against bacteria and fungi prone to mutation. Given all its properties, it can serve as a replacement for the antibiotic to which we are all accustomed. The main advantage of Life Cup 2 is that it does not affect the cells of the body, unlike antibiotics, which can destroy both harmful and beneficial cells.