Medium and large businesses have already begun to replace…

People are no longer needed
Medium and large businesses have already begun to replace people with chatbots in the workplace.
People are no longer needed

The world has entered a new era, when applied AI, like the ChatGPT chatbot, began to gradually deprive people of various professions of their usual work. What yesterday was a horror story for copywriters, programmers and secretaries very quickly became a reality. According to a survey by the ResumeBuilder portal, out of 1,000 managers of medium and large businesses, 49% already use chatbots to solve work problems, and 48% have started firing live employees from their previous jobs for the same reason.

Important note: the survey was conducted with reference to the ChatGPT system, as the most popular today. And the chatbot already has a lot of work to do - 66% of companies use ChatGPT for coding, 58% for text content creation, 57% for customer support, and 52% for reporting and meetings. The most annoying thing for people is that 55% of managers are completely satisfied with the results of the chatbot, and 63% of managers have already included in their business plans to replace employees with ChatGPT.

The situation is paradoxical, because ChatGPT, according to the head of the OpenAI company that created it, Sam Altman, is a “terrible tool” that “categorically cannot be relied upon.” And there are plenty of examples of this, because when it comes to non-standard tasks, ChatGPT turns into a blunder generator. He still does not have any knowledge and professional skills, because his architecture was developed for completely different purposes.

The main disadvantage of ChatGPT is that it does not understand when something is wrong in doing the work. Its goal is to create the most believable text for a given request, but it turned out that businesses need about the same thing. In the first place is the increase in profits by reducing costs, albeit at the cost of an increase in the share of defects in the output. AI of this goal is quite consistent.