Parra for Cuva is the pseudonym of German electronic music…

Parra for Cuva - Of Wonder
Parra for Cuva is the pseudonym of German electronic music producer and DJ Nicolas Demuth.
Parra for Cuva - Of Wonder

Parra for Cuva is a German musician and producer known for his atmospheric, electronic-infused music. Born Nicolas Demuth in Cologne, Germany, in 1991, Parra for Cuva began producing music at a young age.

In 2013, Parra for Cuva gained widespread recognition with his debut single, "Wicked Games," which was a reimagining of the popular Chris Isaak song. The track featured vocals by British singer Anna Naklab and was a commercial success, reaching the top of several music charts in Europe.

Parra for Cuva's music is characterized by his use of electronic instrumentation, including synthesizers and drum machines, and his ability to create intricate, textured soundscapes. His music often features field recordings and natural sounds, adding to the atmospheric and organic feel of his productions.

In 2014, Parra for Cuva released his debut album, "Majouré," which featured collaborations with a range of guest vocalists and musicians. The album showcased Parra for Cuva's ability to create emotive, cinematic music that is both introspective and uplifting.

Since then, Parra for Cuva has continued to release a series of successful singles and EPs, including "Devon," "Unfold," and "Her Entrance." He has also collaborated with a range of other artists, including Nils Frahm and Senoy.

In addition to his music, Parra for Cuva is also a trained graphic designer and creates all of the artwork for his releases. His multidisciplinary approach to art and music has earned him a loyal fanbase and critical recognition as one of the most innovative and exciting new voices in electronic music.

With his unique sound and artistic vision, Parra for Cuva has established himself as one of the most exciting new producers in Germany and beyond. His music continues to captivate fans around the world, and he is poised to become a major force in electronic music in the years to come.