Fancy pants with airbags will save you from injury in the…

Pants are saved in a motorcycle accident
Fancy pants with airbags will save you from injury in the event of a motorcycle accident.
Pants are saved in a motorcycle accident

Riding a motorcycle is much more dangerous than driving a car. For the latter, passive and active safety systems have been developed, and nothing has been invented for motorcyclists except helmets and protective suits. But engineers and inventors do not get tired of looking for a solution to this problem. Two companies at once, CX Air Dynamics and Mo'Cycle's of France and Sweden, respectively, began selling special biker pants with airbags built into them.

Similar solutions have been used in equipment for motorcycle racers for quite some time. They can be found, for example, in vests and jackets for sports racing. However, pants with integrated protection systems should have been invented a long time ago, if only because they can save those parts of the body that are the first to be at risk during a fall and an accident. The trousers offered by both companies are very similar in principle, but have several differences.

They are related by the mechanism of activation of the pillows - they work when the cable is pre-fastened to the bike. In addition, protective equipment allows the possibility of reloading. The CX Easyriders pants from the French company are made of high-quality and durable Cordura textiles and are compact when not in use. They provide knee, thigh and calf protection. Despite the hefty price of 599 euros, they can be a good investment in safety, which can only be appreciated after it saves lives during an accident.

The option from Swedish Mo'Cycle's is good because these pants are made in the form of jeans that can be worn "on an ongoing basis." Their appointment is given out only by valves with Velcro. The security system is fastened with a zipper and can be removed during washing. Pillows here provide protection only up to the knees, but the joints themselves can be protected with the help of knee pads - special pockets are provided for them. This protection option can be purchased for $445.