In the new trailer, the developers showed some gameplay…

NCSOFT announces a new MMORTS game Project G
In the new trailer, the developers showed some gameplay footage
NCSOFT announces a new MMORTS game Project G

The NCSOFT company, primarily known in the MMO market, has announced a new MMORTS under the working title Project G. The game will be made in the classic style of oriental fantasy and correspond to the canons of urban MMO games with elements of the combat system.

Project G is being developed for smartphones and PCs using the Unreal Engine, which will wrap familiar gameplay into nice and modern graphics. The game will offer a large open world, various races, city building and the ability to interact with the armies of other players in real time, including to fight against monsters.

According to Project GDirector Minseok Seo, their aim is to use NCSOFT’s advanced technology, primarily accumulated through MMO-based massive-scale battle system, in building an RTS title. The objective is to develop unprecedented scale and quality that hasn't been witnessed in any other strategy games. Seo further added that they intend to create an excellent gaming experience for players by incorporating various units and worlds unique to Project G, thereby making gameplay the most exciting aspect for players. 

As part of its NCing, the company’s open R&D initiative, NCSOFT has disclosed that it is developing new projects of various genres. The global audience should expect the release of a video featuring a Project G developer’s interview soon.

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