Mercedes-Benz DRIVE PILOT is the first level 3 autopilot to…

Mercedes-Benz DRIVE PILOT third level autopilot
Mercedes-Benz DRIVE PILOT is the first level 3 autopilot to be certified for use on US roads.
Mercedes-Benz DRIVE PILOT third level autopilot

Mercedes-Benz is the first automotive company to receive U.S. regulatory approval for Level 3 autonomous driving. The company said it was certified by the state of Nevada to allow vehicles with the DRIVE PILOT package to be used on public roads.

DRIVE PILOT is the industry's only SAE Level 3 autonomous driving system certified for use in a production vehicle. At the end of 2021, Mercedes-Benz received regulatory approval to use DRIVE PILOT on certain German roads when the vehicle is moving at a speed of 60 km/h or less. And in May, the company began selling cars with the DRIVE PILOT package.

With DRIVE PILOT, the driver can take their hands off the steering wheel while the vehicle is moving, while the autopilot controls speed and distance, as well as driving in its lane, avoiding unsafe maneuvers and reacting to the sudden appearance of other vehicles nearby. At the same time, the driver must be ready to immediately take control in the event of an emergency.

In addition, the driver must keep his face in view of the cameras installed in the cabin at all times, although he may turn his head to address the passenger. If this condition is not met, the system will immediately shut down. In other words, the system will prevent the driver from taking a nap while driving or moving into the back seat.

In addition to cameras and radar, the DRIVE PILOT system uses lidar data to build a 3D model of the environment, as well as microphones to detect approaching emergency vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz said the DRIVE PILOT certification was made possible by the system meeting Nevada's "minimum risk conditions", which require "fully autonomous" vehicles of level three or higher to have the option to stop in the event of a malfunction in the system.

The company clarified that Drive Pilot will only operate at speeds up to 40 mph (up to 64 km/h) on "suitable sections of highways and where there is high traffic density," which suggests its use only in heavy stop-and-go traffic. .