Fugitive telemetry is a flawless detective. A cozy mystery…

Martha Wells - Fugitive telemetry
Fugitive telemetry is a flawless detective. A cozy mystery adorned with plasma guns and spaceships.
Martha Wells - Fugitive telemetry

When Killerbot discovers a dead body at the Preserve station, he realizes that he will have to help the security team in the investigation and determine whose body it is, how it was killed (at least this is relatively simple) and why it was killed (apparently this is important for many people, that's bad luck). Yes, the unthinkable is about to happen: Killerbot must voluntarily talk to people!

Again! A portrait of the most human non-human. Wells has created a protagonist who is addictive... Killerbot continues to delight us with his intelligence and caustic comments that touch on the nature of humanity. Killerbot's ironic observations of human behavior are as amusing as ever. Another winning episode of the series.

In fact, this story is not so clear cut. This is an attempt to turn the story into a detective story. And not to say that it was completely unsuccessful, just - compared to Martha Wells - The network effect is a clear rollback. The action also feels like it takes place before the start of the "Network Effect", because otherwise not only the level of the story "rolled back", but also the characters. To the heap, the publishing house spoiled the author: Fanzon wanted some money, and they published the novella as a novel, with huge margins, a third of a page, and double line spacing, in order to somehow justify the "roman" price. But, of course, this short story did not turn into a novel. If the work had appeared in some collection, among other stories, perhaps the impression from it would have been different, and so - neither a candle to God, nor a poker to hell. Recommended exclusively to Killerbot fans, everyone else can easily pass by.

And I liked it, I love this humanoid :)
I also love this character, I like the space environment, new technologies, etc. But the facts are inexorable!
Facts, facts, nonsense your facts.