Gothic 1 Remake is a remake of the iconic third-person RPG…

Alkimia Interactive - Gothic 1 Remake
Gothic 1 Remake is a remake of the iconic third-person RPG Gothic.
Alkimia Interactive - Gothic 1 Remake

Development of Gothic 1 Remake began after the success of the Gothic Playable Teaser. The game takes place in a gloomy world covered with a magical dome. The main character gets there as a prisoner. Now he has to take the side of one of the factions and save the inhabitants from the orcs.

Minimum systems for the game:

●Windows 10 64bit


● 30 GB HDD

● DirectX 11

● Keyboard, mouse

If you add responsive controls to the original Gothic, rework the balance in combat a little and make it more convenient - that would be enough.

Despite all the angularity of the visual, the original Gothic looks very nice even now, due to the fact that there is a really cool art design, a color palette, it's nice. The game has a unique and cool game design, narrative - it plays beautifully (if you take the controls out of the brackets).

The kingdom of Myrtana is besieged by hordes of merciless orcs.

The production of powerful weapons requires a constant flow of magical ore, and King Rhobar exiles all the prisoners he can into the mines of Khorinis. To prevent escape, the monarch asked the best court magicians to surround the mines with a magical barrier. Alas, magic got out of control, and the subsequent rebellion turned the whole valley into the realm of the most notorious criminals.

The king had to negotiate with the new owners of the mines, but the tension between the individual factions of the former convicts is only growing. No one can imagine that the arrival of another prisoner will entail huge consequences and change absolutely everything.

Main features:

● The updated world of cult and revolutionary Gothic 2001 is waiting for you! Solve its mysteries and overcome all trials.

● Become a hero! Determine the fate of a life-sentenced criminal who has to survive among dangerous animals, unusual creatures and prisoners with a sinister reputation.

● True to the original complete remake of the first Gothic.

● Improved combat system, retaining the basics of the original in the new version.