Corsairs Legacy - Pirate Action RPG will take you to the…

Corsairs Legacy - Pirate Action RPG
Corsairs Legacy - Pirate Action RPG will take you to the end of the 17th century.
Corsairs Legacy - Pirate Action RPG

Corsairs Legacy - Pirate Action RPG - action-adventure game with a third-person view in a pirate setting. The game will take you to the end of the 17th century. A hero named Jack Rackham did not plan to become a pirate at all, wanting to continue to be a smuggler. But one day in his life there were certain events that radically changed his life. Complete freedom in character development awaits you, the best of the RPG mode of the legendary Corsairs with modern graphics and updated, relevant mechanics.

System requirements:

● Windows 7

● Processor: Intel Core i5-3450


● 25GB HDD

● GeForce GTX 660 Video memory: 2 GB

● Keyboard, mouse

A series of games "Corsairs" from the Russian company "Akella" once made a good noise in the CIS market. For its time, the product was worthy, it was fun to play, and it combined sea battles with quests on land. In general - such a simulator of the everyday life of a pirate with RPG elements.

By the end of the 2000s, the series, in general, "went to the bottom", and it was not heard about for a long time. However, a couple of years ago, the Ukrainian studio Mauris announced its intention to revive the Corsairs. Having proposed a rather strange exit scheme - at first it was supposed to release a free Corsair's Legacy: Prologue, and, if the reaction of the players was positive, to continue the story. They wanted to release this Prologue back in 2022, but later the release was pushed back. Now the release date is 2023.

But as part of the “democ festival” on Steam, Mauris was given the opportunity to play a demo version of their game. So far, there are only naval battles with the ability to board, but you can already get some impression about the game and its combat system.

“They are loading the guns. So they will shoot!”

So, we are given a ship in the middle of the open sea and given the opportunity to fight with another ship of the same kind. At first it's a one-on-one fight, but with each round the battles become more and more numerous.

The arrow on the "compass" shows the direction of the tailwind - following it, we will move much faster. The ability to move plays a rather large role, because the enemy is also constantly moving, and you still need to manage to hit him. Moreover, each ship has three health bars - for the hull, sails and crew. That is, it is not necessary to go head-on and just break through the skin, you can win in another way.

Four types of projectiles are available. The cores inflict great damage to the hull and hit at a long distance. Buckshot hits the crew, the range is low. Knipples - a chain with weights - fly a medium distance and cause maximum damage to the sails. And finally, bombs: medium range and huge hull damage.

That is, in the theory of strategies there can be several. You can try to outplay the enemy at a long distance, skillfully hitting the cores, or you can try to “flash” him with bombs. And now - about how it actually plays.

There is a special shooting mode in the battle. The camera moves to the deck and we are shown a white guidance arc that shows how the shells will fly and where they will fall. True, this aiming tends to deceive a little, because the enemy is moving, and one must always aim a little ahead. Still, the shells also need time to reach the target.

You need to aim a little ahead, since both ships are constantly moving. And if you wish, you can almost completely withdraw your corps from the firing zone

Based on our gaming experience, it turned out to be most effective to hit at a medium distance with bombs - then the hp of the hull was depleted very quickly. With the sails and the crew, it felt a little more difficult.

In general, ship battles are fascinating in their own way, although this mechanic cannot be called some kind of masterpiece, and it can get bored pretty quickly. So the whole question is how all this will be implemented in the release version of the game - after all, there will be other activities.

"Cats get ready!"

And now there is one serious problem. Instead of circling in a naval battle for 10 minutes trying to shoot down the enemy, in the demo version of the game it is much easier to board the enemy ship. This is done in an elementary way - we “moor” to the desired ship with any part of our ship and press the F button.

So far, battles are reduced to moving from one enemy on deck to another. There were no interesting combat situations.

And third-person combat in Corsair's Legacy is, of course, a sad sight. If at sea the cheapness of graphics is not so striking - including because the water itself is made quite nice to look at. Then the character models, their faces and combat animations are not impressive.

There are three saber strikes. Normal, "power" and circular. You can also shoot with a pistol, and here something went wrong when developing the aiming animation. The enemy you are currently pointing the mouse at is highlighted in red, which means that the firearm is pointing at it. But the problem is that the scope at the same time jumps from side to side, greatly complicating aiming. However, this will probably be fixed later.

But melee combat is unlikely to improve significantly. And it looks quite "collective farm" and outdated. In most cases, the case ends with the enemy calling with a rare squeeze of the block. Perhaps the enemies themselves in the release version will behave more interesting, but so far the fight is quite easy and ... boring.

And another question to the appearance of the pirates. It is clear that this is not the final version yet, but there are not a lot of models, and in the end you are completely surrounded by one-eyed lads - as if you were at some kind of pirate fest.

For now, that's all there is to tell about Corsair's Legacy. Not a masterpiece, the game looks outdated, but if it is interesting to play, it can fill its own niche - mainly, of course, on the PC of fans of this series.

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