Chaos predicted business after the news about the…

Business chaos after integrating ChatGPT into Slack?
Chaos predicted business after the news about the integration of ChatGPT into Slack.
Business chaos after integrating ChatGPT into Slack?

Salesforce has launched a beta test of a tool that will allow you to use ChatGPT's AI capabilities in the Slack messenger. They should complement each other perfectly, since ChatGPT has already been trained in document preparation and business correspondence, and Slack was originally created for business needs.

In the current version of ChatGPT for Slack, it can draft documents faster than anyone. He is able to provide answers to employees' questions and help them navigate the organization's documentation. It is assumed that the use of AI will simplify and significantly speed up the work of any office by expanding the automation of routine processes.

However, Salesforce does not intend to stop at this step - the company has already announced the addition of another AI to Slack called "Einstein GPT". It is claimed to be the first of its kind customer relationship management system based on generative artificial intelligence. The task of this AI will be to generate letters for customers, as well as to create various useful content for marketers.

Critics of the idea predicted a plunge into chaos for the corporate sector, as the incredible performance of AI, multiplied by the number of errors in the results of its work, will lead to an equally incredible amount of incorrect business information. Fewer people in the workplace will not physically be able to keep up with the work of AI, so companies will begin to receive incorrect data about their customers and business processes. This can cause many problems in business and even lead to serious crises in individual corporations.