Good things come to those who wait, Ella Fitzgerald used to…

Brendan Fraser got his Oscar for The Whale by Darren Aronofski
Good things come to those who wait, Ella Fitzgerald used to sing. 54-year-old American actor whose career seemed to be ruined managed to pull himself out to the highlight.
Brendan Fraser got his Oscar for The Whale by Darren Aronofski

Two weeks ago Fraser got SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Award for the same movie with the same competitors so you could see that coming... The role of Charlie, obese, divorced and lonely, is definitely the biggest diamond in Fraser's crown now. For young people I want to say: Brendan Fraser was not always like this! The star of "George of the Jungle", "The Mummy" and "Bedazzled" has always been a fit, tanned handsome man with thick hair and an intelligent charm. However, the divorce and the financial problems that followed broke Fraser down.

The actor lived with his wife Afton for 9 years and divorced in 2007. They have three children: Griffin, Leland and Holden.

Fraser's career broke down after the divorce, depression and financial problems that followed. The scandal of 2003 due to the sexual harassment of Philip Burke also did not benefit the actor: the public then did not take the side of Brendan, although he was a clear victim of the Hollywood boss.

The reboot of Brendan Fraser's career is due to his starring role in the movie "The Whale" of the famous Darren Aronofsky. He plays Charlie, a broken, obese man who lives alone and tries to connect with his daughter. Some parallels with Fraser's biography are soft of obvious ...

Brendan played Charlie without CGI: he put on a special suit every day of filming, a technological marvel that turned him into a huge suffering man. In an interview on Fallon's and Kimmel's evening shows following the Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations, Fraser revealed that the costume took 4 hours to put on and an hour to take off.

The actor also thanked The Whale screenwriter Samuel Hunter. Brendan said that Aronofsky and Hunter have "hearts the size of a whale" and it's a great honor for him to "stand alongside them."

"I mean, only whales can swim at such depths... I started my film career 30 years ago. I've had a hard time lately. I had something that I didn't appreciate enough until I lost it. I was very deep, and I was only connected to the surface by a thin tube held by my loved ones. These are my sons, Holden, Leland and Griffin. I love you, Griffy!"

I would like to believe that Fraser's career has experienced more than a one-time takeoff. Martin Scorsese's The Flower Moon Killers, starring DiCaprio and De Niro, is coming out this year, with Fraser playing the role of attorney Hamilton.