Belle et Sébastien: Nouvelle Génération - A boy tries to…

Belle et Sébastien: Nouvelle Génération
Belle et Sébastien: Nouvelle Génération - A boy tries to save a dog from a cruel owner. The adventures of the legendary duo, carried over to the present day.
Belle et Sébastien: Nouvelle Génération

Sebastian is 10 years old. He is sent to a mountain village to stay with his grandmother, but it doesn't feel like a dream vacation at all. But everything changes when he meets Belle, a huge white dog mistreated by his owner. They become true friends, and Sebastian is willing to do anything to protect Belle. He does not even suspect that the most exciting vacation of his life awaits him.

This is a very beautiful and atmospheric movie about the friendship of a child and a huge dog.

The previous three or four films about a boy with a dog touched on the war and post-war years, as far as I remember. They starred one young actor, who by the end of the last film has matured noticeably. Directors are changing, actors are also changing, and now we have a new film in front of us. This time, the action will be transferred to our time, but the characters will remain the same - the boy Sebastian, exiled to his grandmother for the holidays, and the big shepherd dog Belle.

What is the first thing you pay attention to when watching? Of course, in nature! Excellent camera work, allows you to really enjoy the cool and colorful picture. It usually takes place in the highlands of France and the summer stories about Belle, I like it more. More, because of the abundance of colors!

The stories themselves are simple and unpretentious. We can say that these are ordinary children's films. And for kids up to 12 years old. Sebastian, visiting his grandmother in the summer, who, by the way, did not really want to see her grandson, saves Belle from a bad owner. He, of course, does not agree with this turn of affairs and the boil begins!) The story included a mini-plot about an underground lake, which almost no one knew about, and which (the lake) will greatly affect the life of local natives.

That one, the first "Sebastian" has already grown up, and another boy has already starred in the "new generation" - Robinson Mensah Ruane. Purely French name and appearance too)). Oh well, say thank you for not being black). However, I will not be a racist, although I object a bit to the dark-skinned "Sebastian"). In general, of the famous actors, I only know Michelle Laroque, who played the role of a grandmother.

The ending is correct, such as it should be in children's and family films. Nothing to downgrade. The film is fully sustained in the traditions of the first parts! For some, of course, it will seem boring. I like this! Quiet movie, beautiful picture... Five points and recommendations for fans of this never-ending story!