SoulRS opens a window into the world of augmented reality…

Augmented reality by SoulRS
SoulRS opens a window into the world of augmented reality for cyclists.
Augmented reality by SoulRS

Until recently, HUD-display (Head-Up Display) systems were the prerogative of car owners, less often motorcycles. However, the SoulRS gadget is designed to eliminate this limitation, it can be used with all types of helmets - for cyclists, skaters, skiers, etc. Strictly speaking, if you can attach the mounting plate to a cap or earflap, the device will also work.

The SoulRS is designed as a plug-in module with a tiny retractable screen that sits on the side and top of the cyclist's main line of sight. The gadget does not block the view, the information on it is always in sight. It comes via Bluetooth from a smartphone and is limited to five parameters so far. These are the current speed, time and date, incoming call alerts, received message reminders and navigation tips interface. In the future, the functionality of the device may be expanded.

The SoulRS is waterproof, weighs just 90 grams, and has a full day of battery life. The module is easily moved from one helmet to another, and if information from it is not needed at the moment, the screen simply folds into the case. The cost of one device for those who support the startup will be $199.