There are at least four aggressive alien civilizations in…

Aggressive alien civilisations
There are at least four aggressive alien civilizations in our galaxy.
Aggressive alien civilisations

Researcher Alberto Caballero, Ph.D. from the University of Vigo in Spain, has calculated the likelihood of extraterrestrial life in the Milky Way. He limited himself to the region of our native galaxy, as the closest and therefore the most dangerous place. This problem has long worried scientists - should we be zealous in the search for other civilizations, if they can be aggressive and attack us?

Caballero proceeded from the fact that human civilization itself is built on conquest, absorption and exploitation. However, all these processes have a cause and a nature that is tied to energy consumption. The more stable and secure a civilization is, the more energy it spends on creative purposes, and vice versa. From this, he estimated the energy potential of habitable places in our galaxy.

The scientist does not give details of his calculations, he published only the results. According to them, there are at least eight civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy that are sufficiently developed for space flights. Of these, four are very likely to be dangerous to us, they may want to invade Earth if they have such a technical opportunity. However, the probability of such an event, according to Caballero, is negligible due to the size of the galaxy - it is even less than the chance of a collision of the Earth with a giant asteroid.