Scientists have proposed a promising method of combating…

A method of dealing with arrhythmia
Scientists have proposed a promising method of combating arrhythmia.
A method of dealing with arrhythmia

A new technique for the surgical treatment of arrhythmia was developed by Russian scientists - it is known as electroporation. It is reported that more than 30 trial operations have already been carried out using this technique, and the preliminary assessment of the results impressed the doctors very much.

The developed method is distinguished by increased efficiency, is very affordable in economic terms, and, most importantly, is the least traumatic, since it practically eliminates the risk of possible damage to nearby tissues and organs.

In addition, the operation according to the new Russian method lasts about half an hour, and not two hours in the case of interventions that are widely used now, which indicates the prospect of mass introduction of the new method into clinical practice.

As specified, the developed Russian technique is comparable to ablation with a pulsed field, which does not destroy the “clumping” myocardial cells, but blocks their electrical conductivity by exposing these cells to an electric field.