Metro 4 is a first-person action game with a touch of a…

4A Games - Metro 4
Metro 4 is a first-person action game with a touch of a shooter from 4A Games.
4A Games - Metro 4

The main publisher of the game is Deep Silver. In some circles, Metro 4 is also referred to as Metro 2035. Metro 4 has yet to be officially announced, but is expected to be released on PC.

Minimum predicted* systems for the game:

● Win 7 64

● Processor: Intel Core i5-4440 3.1GHz


● 50 GB HDD

● AMD Radeon HD 7870 Video memory: 2GB

Metro 4 is a first-person shooter with elements of survival horror and stealth action. Actions take place in the post-apocalyptic wastelands of the territory of the Russian Federation and in the Republic of Kazakhstan, where the player must cope with the new dangers of the world and participate in the fight against mutated creatures, as well as hostile people. The player owns an arsenal of firearms and throwing weapons, which can be improved (from the modifications, you can customize all parts of the weapon, from the receiver to the barrel). The game features a mixture of linear levels and open locations available for the player to explore. There is also a dynamic weather system, a day/night cycle, and the changing seasons of the seasons as the story progresses.

Metro 4 takes place in 2035-2036 on a post-apocalyptic Earth that was destroyed by a nuclear war more than 20 years ago, in 2013. The game continues the story of the good ending of Metro: Last Light, which is accepted as canon. The main character - Artyom - with a group of surviving rangers of the Order of Sparta, sets off on a journey from the Moscow metro on a modified Aurora steam locomotive and travels far to the east, looking for a new place to live in post-apocalyptic Russia. The story begins with a harsh nuclear winter and takes place over the course of one year. Other characters in the game who returned from previous games and the book "Metro 2035": Anna, who is now the wife of Artyom, and her father, Colonel Svyatoslav Melnikov, nicknamed "The Miller", the leader of the Order.